Thursday, 25 March 2010

spicks; and specks.

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what I am viewing
A favourite program on television is Spicks & Specks, much much better than, say, Rockwiz, to pick another program at random. Spicks and Specks has a Facebook page where you can catch "unseen bits". Often even funnier than the show itself. The quality of an episode depends heavily on who the guests are, and last night's Specks was one of their best. Time out on a Wednesday night in the middle of a stressful week is always very welcome.

Some recent speedygeese performances
BBQ Stakes results Wednesday 17 March
Gary Bowen 27:20
Emma Adams 29:50
Helen Larmour 32:21
Roger Pilkington 32:21
Caroline Campbell 36:41
Sharene Hurnen 43:52

Summer Series Race #8: Stromlo Forest Park 5k Tuesday 23 March
34. Roger Pilkington M50 22:44
38. Maria O'Reilly W55 22:58
44. Janene Kingston W45 23:37
53. Ewen Thompson M50 25:18
54. Brett Morrison M40 25:19
70. Caroline Campbell W65 27:07
72. Ruth Baussmann W55 27:15
74. Cathy Montalto W55 27:43
75. Graeme Patrick M55 27:44
77. Geoff Moore M60 28:34
81. Mick Charlton M55 29:13
82. Sharene Hurnen W40 30:59
90 finishers
Plus 48 finishers in the 2k

The return of the High Noon Meet
2010 will see a continuation of the popular ‘High Noon’ Track & Field meets conducted by Athletics ACT (AACT) during the winter months.  All athletes turning at least 12 years of age by 31st December 2010 and older are invited to compete at these meets.

WHERE:         AIS Athletics Field, Bruce 12pm-1:30pm

WHEN:           Sundays, commencing at noon on the following days:
23 May                        15 August
13 June                       5 September
11 July                        19 September
1 August                   

WHY:              To introduce new participants to athletics at the AIS Track, introduce ACTLAA athletes to the Seniors environment, and provide competition opportunities for athletes at all levels, including AWD athletes, preparing for high level domestic and international meets.

COST:            Registered Athletes: $5.00
Unregistered Athletes: $10.00 ($5.00 Gate Fee & $5.00 One Day Rego)
(An unregistered athlete is someone who is not currently registered with AACT, ACTLAA or ACTVAC and will be required to take out a one-day registration for insurance coverage)

EVENTS:        There will be a rotating program of events in the 90 minute time-slot similar to the Summer T&F season.  There will be at least 2 sprints, 1 middle-distance event, 2 jumps and 2 throws every 3 weeks.  Constants will be 60m, 100m, Shot Put and High Jump.  Rotation will be between 1500m and 800m, Sprint and Long Hurdles, Discus and Javelin, Long and Triple Jump. Other events included rotationally are the 400m and 3000m. Walking events will be meshed into running events.


  1. Woohoo! I'm at least 12. More chances for M50 track PBs over winter.

  2. "At least 12" is good. Means it would include most of my friends. Even Jen.