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second chance

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Fat Chance 2

Superbly muscled

Summer Series Race #7 - Lake Ginninderra 7.1k

35.     Maria O'Reilly          32:57

43.     Cathy Newman        35:07

49.     Roger Pilkington     36:44

58.     Susan Sturgeon       38:40

59.     Neil Boden              38:57

63.     Caroline Campbell   40:41

68.     Margaret McSpadden 42:18

74 finishers

Milton Valentine

Dear Friends
On Wednesday last week Milton felt that his body was deteriorating, he asked me to call Cass, Dylan, Ryan and Kasey to talk to them and let them know that he felt that things were changing.  On Thursday I contacted his mother, brother and sister in Melbourne to ask them to come up to Canberra.  They arrived Thursday evening and Milton was sitting up and talking to all...we shared a lovely evening together with all of his family at the hospice.  Milton had very little energy and conversations were short.  That night was very disturbing, Milton coughed consistently and his lungs were filling up, he felt an enormous pressure in this area as well as the persistent pain through his body.  Quentin arrived at lunch time Friday and Milton had very few conversations of only a few words during Friday, it was clear that he was declining.  Milton did not really gain consciousnesses on Saturday, however he was aware of the people around the spoke a few words which took some much energy from his weak body. 
The family left late on Saturday night and Cass and Dylan stayed in a spare room at the hospice.  At 4am I woke and the night nurse said that ”it was getting close’’ as Milton’s pulse was almost non detectable.  I sat with him  and held his hand and watched his breathing slow down -  he slipped away at 5:40am and seemed very much at peace.  Cass and Dylan and I then sat with Milton for a while and then the rest of the family came back out to the hospice.

It was a beautiful crisp autumn morning over the lake and we watched the hot air balloons rise and pass the hospice.  Peace in the world again.

 Ann-Maree McTaggart

Milton’s funeral will be held on Thursday 18 March at the Norwood Park Crematorium, Sandford Street Mitchell commencing at 1:30pm.   Notices will be placed in Wednesday’s edition of the Canberra Times and also the Melbourne paper. To celebrate Milton’s life please wear something PURPLE or ribbons will be available at the service to wear. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Cancer Research Council (envelopes will be provided). We’d love you to record a brief memory of Milton that touched your life. A memory box will be available in which these may be placed. 


"God bless this tiny little boat, And me who travels in it. It stays afloat for years and years, And sinks within a minute. And so the soul in which we sail, Unknown by years of thinking, Is deeply felt and understood, The minute that it’s sinking." – Michael Leunig.


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  1. Go the fit, slim and superbly muscled bunch of runners!