Sunday, 14 March 2010


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Highlights of this morning's Weston Creek Half Marathon
There were many outstanding performances, and none as outstanding as Andrew's Half Marathon PB by 19 minutes!

Liz who ran with us for the first time the other day was second female overall, and Nadine was fifth overall.

Maria won the W55 division.

Nine of the speedygeese won barrel draw prizes! The first name out of the hat was Ruth's, and they just kept coming; Margaret, Nadine, me, Andrew, Brett, Caroline, Suzie, and the last name out of the hat was Victoria, who won the major random prize. There were other people who won random prizes too. There were a lot of prizes! But it was also a record number of entrants and a record number of starters and a record number of relay teams as well.

And we had a very enjoyable breakfast/lunch afterwards - thanks to Heidi for organising it!

Happy Birthday to Gary, 53 today. Which could explain his absence from the Half Marathon!

Gary53 and friends

Andrew19 at his favourite sport
Andrew's secret isn't the drugs, it's the three months he spent fishing when the rest of us were training.


  1. Happy Birthday to Gary, who is a regular at the BBQ Stakes.

  2. A rose between to thorns smile Maria.

  3. Geese are always winners! Well done to all!