Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Peter Magill drills

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, February 02, 2010 with 4 comments
Here are the drills - http://runningtimes.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=17578.
I recommend you open the link and watch the video. We found this via Peter Magill's excellent website - at http://petemagill.blogspot.com/2009/09/technique-drills-video.html.
Some very attractive demonstrators should keep everyone glued to the video!

Each of us should try to schedule one session incorporating many of these drills each week. Only miss them if you are in a serious race phase. Last night at Parliament House, Ewen took us through such a session. Now we cannot keep doing these on Monday nights, as that is normally our interval training session. So we need to set aside an hour some other time in the week. Ewen at present is running this session on Sunday afternoons. That would work when our long morning run is Saturday rather than Sunday. At present I run long or I race long on Sundays, so I was thinking that Fridays might be better for me, possibly at Charnwood oval Friday mornings, because that's next door to where I will be doing some gym work starting this week. I am open to suggestions.

Last night the speedygeese who did the introductory drills included Andrew, Bronia, Bronwyn, Craig, Ewen, Garry, Gary, me, Helen, Jennifer, Jodie, Joel except he couldn't find us, Kat, Kim, Leanne, Maria, Matthew, Melanie, Neil, Noeline, Ruth, Sindia, Steve, Susan, Tim, Victoria, Warrick & Yelena. Numbers are slowly increasing! Welcome to the newcomers. Bronwyn was tested and remembered all the names. Someone else next week!

As we develop these drills and fine-tune them, I envisage repeating the introductory session from time to time on the occasional Monday night, particularly when a number of new people have joined the group. I look forward to hundreds of agog motorists seeing sixtysix senior and not-so-senior runners attempting "foot shuffles" on the lawn outside Questacon during peak hour. The mind boggles!

Study the video: do the drills in a group so you can be assessed and corrected as you go, and for moral support should on-lookers start laughing. And if you watch the video to the very end, for heaven's sake don't get any ideas!

Photos: I have run out of good photos but I haven't run out of bad photos. I plan to download John Kennedy's Campbell Park shots asap, but meanwhile input from other photographers would be good!

On the subject of photos, on my Facebook page I have just started loading up many really old family photos. Take a look!

But you saw this one first, here!


  1. Awesome cardigan.

    I like "except he couldn't find us". My Sunday afternoon for drills is a week to week thing. I may do long runs Sundays when racing CC Saturday.

    We'll save "any ideas" for July on.

  2. Geoff - that's some pretty far out hair you have going there!

  3. Geoff that's SO great to know about the walking in a half marathon. How fantastic.

  4. I should point out to readers who have seen Melanie's comment above that she has a post on "the walking runner" which includes a picture which she could have captioned "the running walker". Clever.