Wednesday, 3 February 2010

fleet feet

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Some BBQ Stakes results:

13 January
Gary 13.17
Roger 31.05

20 January
I don't have the results but Roger, Gary & Victoria ran as far as I know

27 January
Gary 28.59
Helen 31.21
Roger 31.22
Victoria 33.04

Today, 3 February
Victoria 28.12
Gary 28.14
Helen 29.32
Emma 29.47
Geoff 29.47

Victoria ran a pb in her eighth run, breaking 30 minutes for the first time
Emma had her first BBQ Stakes run.
I went out there today because I might not get there for a while, being busy on Wednesdays, and was happy to show Emma the course.

Yesterday's Summer Series 5k
Results not out yet but plenty of speedygeese ran. I ran as hard as I could on the day, taking into account attempted drills Monday night, and weights, drills, and stretches Tuesday morning, 21 minutes was OK and something to try and equal in future. From where I was, Nadine had a great run and was very fast, out of sight by the end of the race; I couldn't quite catch Michelle despite a burst of speed at the end; and Brett and Janene were close behind me towards the end; even if they weren't at the finish, I ran as if they were, ie trying to hold them off. At the other end of the field, Melinda had her first run with the Cross Country Club and did not stop. Well done!

Campbell Park 3.0k
Congratulations to Garry Maher on his bronze medal

Campbell Park 6.0k
The three medallists, Craig (silver), Andrew (gold), Brett (bronze)

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  1. You'd expect "common-sense would prevail" as the runners, majority interest, should always come first but these jokers are so bloody selfish and money grubing they would rather destroy something than lose an arguement.

    Just happy I don't live in a place with people in that mindset.