Tuesday, 7 May 2013

take a number

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Despite the AMA Nationals being over - and that was a lot of work, I am still recovering, slowly getting better - I still haven't managed to reduce the backlog significantly. So if you have an outstanding request that I haven't responded to I do apologise, and just in case it has slipped my mind you might like to send me a reminder? I get many emails a day so something a few weeks old might be out of sight therefore out of mind. But yeah, it is taking me a while to get a host of important things done.

Training at Parliament House last night, a pretty good evening and we chose training venues out of the breeze, the early run being a slightly different course over 8k which seemed easier than usual, and the main session being a return to our favourite hill for 20 x 100m hill sprints on 90 seconds. Cathy ran early and then left, Clint and I ran early too and continued on with Andy, Asmono (new), Jen, Kerry, Marilyn, Mick C, Rae, Ruth, Sarah-Jayne, Tim, Warrick & Yelena. We were missing a few, but most had excuses.

The news is that we are going to try out Kaleen for training this Thursday, and we will be starting earlier, 5:30pm. We expect good lights and we expect to be able to run around the outside of the playing fields. We had to run in the dark at UC last week, the lights there are not dependable, and some of us don't enjoy particularly good night vision.

And here is a cat.

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  1. A shame I'll miss that. I imagine you'll all be wandering back to Ruth's afterwards for coffee and cake.