Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Results catch-up

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Melbourne Results
Jeff Grey 3:00.06
Michelle Wells 3:13.56 (big PB)
Andy Matthews 3:24.53 (maiden marathon)
Elle Knight 3:29.02
Debbie Cowell 3:36.14
Suzie Gye 3:42.08 (33 minute PB)
Warrick Howieson 3:56.49
Roger Pilkington 4:10.39
Leanne Lee 4:51.27 (Metro runner: maiden marathon)

Half Marathon
Greg Regester 1:21.27
Maria O’Reilly 1:36.53
Kelley Flood 1:37.41
Liz Bennett 1:39.05
Mick Horan 1:41.15
Ewen Thompson 1:44.30
Tori Hennig 1:47.52
Susan Sturgeon 1:56.21
Peter McDonald 2:11.59
Brian Daly 2:36.42 (one of my gym instructors)

In the 10k the M50 division was won by Bruce Graham in 34.15, with Steve Monaghetti second M50 in 35.23.

Happy speedygeese in Melbourne. Let's see - there's Susan, Ewen, Andy, Suzie & Liz!

Other Results
5 October Customs 5k
Amanda Cook 29:19

12 October Customs 5k
Thea Zimpel 27:42

13 October Parkrun #25
6 Sarah Miller 19:54 (PB for any 5k)
46 Yelena Pearson 26:46

19 October Customs 5k
Yelena Pearson 26:33
Amanda Cook 27:43
Caroline Campbell 37:14

See where I ran in Melbourne

Even though I did not run in the half marathon that I had entered, I did get a couple of training runs in along the Plenty river.


  1. Some great results there. I might do the Plenty River Half next year - less crowded.

    1. I have added Jeff Grey to the results - I didn't see him but he was there!