Tuesday, 23 October 2012

To compensate for his ordinary shoes

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Out on a limb
Every year I list my five best new album releases for the year , but what is the best album of all time? I will go out on a limb and name “Graceland” by Paul Simon.

Song of the week, from http://youtu.be/-I_T3XvzPaM  - "Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes". One of the best tracks from Graceland.

Speedygeese Training
Thursday 12 October
It rained all day and did not stop for training.
Plan A was to do hill sprint relays for something different but the grass was too slippery and it was too wet to have a standing rest.
So they ran on the foot path next to the flag poles, from old parliament house to new parliament house – very close to 400m with a good (but not too steep) incline / hill.
They ran hard up the hill and jogged down continually for about half an hour.
Abi jogged; Yelena did 2; Sarah did 7; Craig 6, and Warrick, Eliza, Verena 5.
Although the hill is not as steep as we had done over the last few week, the extra distance made is a good challenge.
The addition of the usual warm up and warm down laps to make for a very soggy training.

Monday 15 October: Return to Mondays.
Sarah, Eliza, Verena, Andrew, Andrew (new), Kym, Tony, Garry, Jen & Craig were at training.
Great conditions – about 20Deg, overcast and a very light breeze.
They ran 400s on the west side grass (beside the road) from north to south followed by a 450m recovery jog back along the path. One slow familiarisation lap, followed by 6 laps in their own time.

Monday 22 October.
Another excellent day for running, with a cool breeze from the south. We invented a new 600m figure 8 circuit from the western side oval, each circuit 100m of quick uphill and 500m of mostly downhill recovery. In 30 minutes of continuous running, Sarah completed 12 laps, Jen, Craig & Ewen 11, Eliza, Susan, Andy & me 10 laps, and Garry did drills up the hill.

Our 600m circuit (according to google earth)


  1. I don't think running through the tennis court and climbing through the window of that shed was the best short-cut you could have chosen.

    1. The evidence is compelling, isn't it? Glad I don't try following a virtual partner.