Tuesday, 30 October 2012


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Monday Training at Parliament House: Quickfit Session 1. Participating were Andrew N, Andrew S, Andy, Bronwyn M (new), Christopher, Craig, Eliza, Ewen, Garry, me, Helen, Kym, Sarah, Susan & Tony. Six sprints around our 600m figure 8 circuit interspersed with strength and core work. I am thinking about doing this session one week in four on average, depending on availability of the small oval, on the weather as well. However, the pull-up test we did as we cooled down will be part of our warm-up routine every week, again weather permitting of course.

We wished Susan a great time at New York this Sunday. Also running the marathon there is Lucia. You go, girls! You will blitz it.

Song of the Week. At Friday night's sensational Mumford and Sons concert, there was quite a good support band in Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Here is their latest video clip. "Child".
From http://youtu.be/9UVIlNWCckA

This band has 12 members with a range of ages. 

Cross generational rocks. So we were pleased to welcome a new participant to our training group who is "only" 21.
Next Tuesday for YCRC's first Spring Series event, I am likely to bring along two of my grandchildren to have a run in the kids' race.

Having kids around is great. Well, for almost everyone...


  1. I'm starting a campaign to have tai chi replace burpees next time we do that session ;-)

    1. But our star athlete was so happy that we were doing burpees with press, she really was.

    2. Children have boundless energy.