Thursday, 13 September 2012

what lactate really is

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, September 13, 2012 with 5 comments
At training on Tuesday I said that I believe in a cool-down because, if for no other reason, it gets a little more distance under one's belt. Today I saw an article which talks about what lactate really is, and dispels the following myths:
"lactate causes soreness"
"I must cool down after I exercise to get the lactic acid out."

Rather, the author declares
"Lactate levels in the blood will be back to resting within ~ an hour, whether or not there is a cool-down"
"Lactic acid does not cause soreness"
"Exercise that causes soreness typically doesn't cause very high [La] (and vice versa)."

You can find the article at

The article doesn't discuss "is there value in a cool-down?" I remember my old coach Percy Cerutty used to point out that animals, when exhausted after a hard run, would recover by flopping down in the shade of a tree. Or by standing in a cold stream.

Percy didn't have much to say about stretching either. As you know, few animals lean against trees stretching before going for the kill.

I think warm-ups and stretching get more important as you age. Also important is the right kind of warm-up and stretching when you are sore. Here is a sequence of events I have had to resort to when very injured: Ice, then jog, then massage, then stretch, then ice, then voltarin (gel). The jog stops if/when the pain recurs.

We need to see the big picture. So here is an absolutely breathtaking view of the Milky Way as seen from Mars:

This made me snicker

Finally, there is light rain. It must be Thursday. I can run, I will be at PH for the early run today. See you there or at 5:30pm for the main session.


  1. I don't know what lactate acid, but when I train hard I feel my eye ball are floating in the stuff... While soreness is caused from muscle damage, and a cool down won't help... But the distance is good. Then only thing I ask the boys to do after a hard run, is to get the breathing back before flopping down on the grass!

  2. I Rolo'd on the floor LOL.

    I'm up for flopping in the shade of a tree. I'll transfer my cool-down miles to the warm-up.

  3. I' rather have a Picnic any day!