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Coming YCRC Events

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From David Osmond:
Sun Oct 7 - Women's & Girls' Jogalong - now at Grevillea Park near the Boat House
Sun Nov 4 - Women's & Girls' Jogalong - now at Grevillea Park near the Boat House
Tue Nov 6 - Boat House 2/5k - first event of the Spring Series

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Due to the construction work at Weston Park, we have moved the Jogalong from 7th October 2012 to Grevillea Park, East Basin near the Boathouse Restaurant. The work should be finished by end February 2013.  Remembering that there will be no Jogalong in March as the ActewAGL 5k Women and Girls Fun Run walk will be held on Sunday 3rd March 2013 and hence no Jogalong.

The only cars that are allowed to drive along the beach area are those that bringing and collecting club equipment.  All others should park in the parking area along Menindee Drive or on the grass verge along Menindee Drive.  Please do not park in the car parks reserved for the Boathouse Restaurant and the Hospice.

This is a lakeside location parents, guardians and all of us are reminded to be be vigilant at all times with children and the lake.  Do not let your children play near the waters edge on their own.

6k Jogalong/3k – Runners will run east, lakeside of the Boathouse Restaurant and Hospice with the 3k turn 500m before Molonglo Reach. The 6k turn is opposite the Water Ski Club on Map 20.

1.6k Mini Jog – Runners will run west and turn just before going under Kings Avenue Bridge.  From the start/finish you can almost see the entire course.

There are Public Toilets at the eastern end of the Boathouse Restaurant, which can be accessed from the outside.  Other Public Toilets are available the other side of Kings Ave Bridge near the Carillon a mere.2k warm-up jog away.
Spring Series: Events & Volunteers needed
As with the Jogalong, due to the construction work at Weston Park, we have moved the first Spring Series Event to Grivillea Park, East Basin near the Boathouse Restaurant.

November 6, Stromlo Forest Park
November 13, Barrenjoey Dr
November 20, Black Mt Peninsula
November 27, Boat House
December 4, Stromlo Forest Park
December 11, Christmas Relays, Lennox Gardens.

These events are run solely thanks to the efforts of volunteers.  In fact, all our members are expected to help at atleast one race per year, and often two races per year for our more active members.  Please have a look at the list of events above, and let me know if you are happy to help at one (or more) of them. Let me know if you have a preference for a particular event too (though please also give a secondary preference if your first choice already has enough helpers).  Helpers are generally required to either help with timing, recording, course marshalling, course set-up or take down and place card handing out.  The manager will normally assign you to a task on the day (or earlier), and will explain your duties on the day.  Note it is not possible to race at the event you are rostered to help at.

I will start assigning members to races next month
 to obtain the required numbers of helpers for each race.  If you are over 16, regularly run a Spring or Summer series race, and have not recently helped at an event, then chances are I will assign you.  If you want a chance to choose which race you help at, then contact me soon.

Please fill in the form at or email me at with your preferred event/s (and preferably a 2nd preference if your first preference is already full).
Spring Series: Race Managers needed
I'm also in need of race managers for all races except the first 2 at Stromlo & Barrenjoey.  The duties of the race manager are not particularly onerous.  The main duties involve:

- make sure you are familiar with your course, and have an idea of where you will need course markers or marshals
- collect the race equipment at the previous race (this normally fits in most cars, unless you have a sedan in which the rear seats cannot be folded down, in which case we can normally find someone else to help with the gear)
- liaise with your helpers, and the roster manager (currently me) to make sure you will have enough help.  Note that it is the roster manager who is responsible for assigning helpers to each race, and will assist in getting the helpers in contact with the race manager, though the race manager is responsible for confirming the helpers attendance.
- tell your helpers when and where they will be needed. At the summer series, you will usually need 2-3 people on the stopwatches, 2 doing rego/results, 1 handing out place cards, plus any course marshalls that are required.
- mark the course, or make sure you have a helper to do that for you

Additionally,  the manager usually assists with some of the helper duties, with handing out the place cards being a popular choice.

Please let me know if you're happy to manage a race.  We can usually team you up with an experienced manager if you haven't managed one of our races before.

Please email me at with your preferred event/s (and preferably a 2nd preference if your first preference is already full).
ActewAGL Women & Girls 5k Fun Run & Walk
This event will be held on the first Sunday in March 2013 (March 3). 
YCRC Running Week, Thredbo, January 2013
This week-long festival of running (& walking, tennis, volleyball, golf etc.) is on again next year in the 3rd week of January.  It is hoped that the event information will be posted to our website in the coming weeks.

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