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Life is not meant to be easy, my child; but take courage: it can be delightful.” - George Bernard Shaw. Which is what Malcolm Fraser was quoting when he said, "Life was not meant to be easy", or did he quote the whole lot and the media took part of it out of context? Context is so important.

Windy it was yesterday: I ran and mapped our 12k course from Acton Ferry Terminal to Molonglo Reach and return; one of my favourite courses along the lake. But we had the Canberra Times westerly blowing a gale; the headwind on the way back almost stopped us on the return trip; ask Mick who was out walking at the time.

Acton Ferry Terminal to Molonglo Reach & back; 12.0k shortest route.

Afterwards I went for another Saturday morning swim at the AIS pool, where this week it was quite crowded but I managed 10 x 100m on about 3 mins; meaning plenty of rest between each effort. The arms were rather fatigued at the end of it though, but with persistence it won't take long to adapt.

Delightful it was today, with the first sunny calm and warm day since winter struck in early April. Not typical windy Canberra Times Fun Run weather at all, they would have enjoyed perfect 10k conditions. We made the most of it by training at Stromlo Forest Park, and enjoyed watching the Australian Junior cycling championships at the same venue. Training consisted of 5 x 500m with 700m jog (
Abi, Andrew & Joel) and 5x500m with a 300m (back-tracking) jog (Yelena & I)

Following up Friday's "quotes" post

Let us sing

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  1. Thanks Geoff. I never knew where that quote came from. I'm always using it at work on tough days: "My old mate Malcolm Fraser always said that..."

    Tattoos last forever, as do delightful Canberra Spring days.