Wednesday, 19 September 2012


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(But then the Ghost of Subjunctive Past showed up and told me to stay strong on 'if it were'.)

Parliament House's first Tuesday training session was last night, and as usual, following an afternoon of sound and fury and showers and possible hail, it turned out fine and calm. Funny how our training window defies the weather. Andrew, Colin, Craig, me, Lucia, Mick, Neil, Tony & Tori attended and we ran a favourite session, a series of Rose Garden 200s. More next week.

Last night I watched Alice in Wonderland on Blueray in my home theatre - it was literally the best movie I have ever seen. I am a big fan of the Alice books and the movie did them justice, which was wonderful. So many jokes and asides too, such fun. I am not a fan of Tim Burton, I think he has made some rubbishy movies, and I don't usually like Johhny Depp, although I may decide to check out some of his other movies now, but it all comes together in Alice.

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  1. It was literally pissing down yesterday so I ran from home so I could take a quick shower.