Friday, 7 September 2012

we enjoyed last night's "training".

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Parliament House training yesterday: Jen ran early. The main session was 10x100m on 90, a short break then 5x100m on 85 + 5x100m on 80. Yelena did 4 or 5, I did 8, Abi 10, and Andrew, Colin, Craig & Joel ran all 20 quite fast. It was noted that those who had voted for hill sprints were not present. Don’t worry, they won’t miss out, they will get "special attention" next time while those who have done them can do something else.

At the Women’s 6k Jogalong on 2 September, Sarah Pau ran 31:16, Thea Zimpel 33:43, Caroline Campbell 35:33.

Doctor Who is coming! The new series starts here on Saturday night.

Lance Purdon is featured in today's Canberra Times, page 9.

This is "funny".

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  1. Good story about Lance.

    "Cheese" burgers are one thing I don't miss about America.