Thursday, 8 September 2011

read more: page flip

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, September 08, 2011 with 2 comments
Today I have changed this blog's design slightly. I have added a "Recent Comments" section and moved things around it in the side columns. Do we need "ShoutMix"? I shall probably phase it out. ShoutMix was something of an experiment anyway, but using post comments seems sufficient now that the comments appear with the initial view. Comments still appear with the relevant posts of course.

Then I started yesterday trialling "Read more" so that posts can be shorter initially, and can be expanded if and when a reader wishes. Yesterday and today I have hidden a .gif file after "read more". Did you see yesterday's? Try today's. These are animated .gif files, so if you have a slow connection, you might have to wait while they load.

Trying "Page Flip". (Hmmmm - because this is a .gif file I can't narrow it to size. Never mind.)

What's useful about  jump breaks like this is, I can put large files after the break, which might speed up blog loading considerably. I can also truncate long rambles. Seems like a good idea.


  1. That's so clever and I'm famous cos I appear in your book - lol!!

  2. I'm not crazy about the 'read more' idea. Means I have to click again, and I'm a lazy clicker ;) It's easier to just scroll a long page - especially if I've missed looking at the blog for a couple of days.