Friday, 16 September 2011

“put mask over head and breathe normally”

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The only politics you need to watch to know what is going on in the world is your weekly dose of Clarke and Dawe!

Did they know about this morning's explosions and fire?

Chemical Factory fire in Mitchell overnight, many big explosions, still burning now. We're far enough away in Holt and the wind is not blowing in this direction, so no problem here. However I am not so sure of the wisdom of running along the lake near the city at lunhtime today.

Stretch #5 Adductor stretch

  • Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet together
  • Place your hands on your ankles, or clasped as in diagram, and push down gently on your knees with your elbows to increase the stretch
  • Hold for 20 seconds

This stretch I have enormous difficulty with. So I suppose that means I should practise it as often as possible. There is an easier version, lying on your back, bum up againsts the wall, legs up the wall, letting gravity assist the stretch. I might try that verson for a while.

Too nice a day to stay inside for long. So it's off to Customs after all to try and avoid another 5k PW.

Speedygeese training last night at the Yarralumla Dog Park was a great success, but accidentally so. Nadine, Tori & I discovered a grass track ("Yarralumla 2") I didn't know existed while we were running two large 5k laps outside the golf course as part of our early run. So I took the main group of Abi, Bronwyn, Cathy, Colin, Ewen, Joel, Kym, Ruth & Yelena up to the oval for half an hour of one lap intervals with a lap jog's recovery, run as a relay in teams of three. The surface was beautiful soft grass, and there was absolutely no-one else down on the oval we were training on. A welcome change from Dickson.

If we hadn't found the oval it would have been too dark to complete much training. There was enough light near the oval to enable us to see. Just.

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  1. 22:17! I'm calling ASADA. That would have placed you 9th in the Canberra Times 5k.

    Yes, that was a beautiful oval. Was starting to wish it was only 300m around though!