Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Is an iron man actually a Fe male?

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That was a rhetorical question.
Meanwhile at Parliament House training last night: Craig, Ewen & I ran early, then the interval session included Abi, Andy, Bronwyn, Caroline, Cathy, Colin, Craig, David, me, Helen, Nadine, Neil, Rae, Ruth & Yelena. In teams of three we ran for thirty minutes lots of little sprints with a short recovery jog. A repeat of the session we did on 15 February. Specific hill runs have been moved to Banks St Yarralumla on Thursdays, for two weeks.

Reminder; please let me know by this Thursday if you are joining us at the Vietnamese Village Inn in Page on Wednesday 21st for our speedygeese dinner. So far, 16 are coming.

This Saturday at Acton Ferry Terminal let's get a larger group together at 8:00am for our long run (as long as you wish to go). The weather is warming up, let's make the most of it (before the cold change next week!)

I continue the series of stretches "which I really must do regularly" given that my lower back/hip/hamstring area has seized right up following 49 years of continuous distance running with insufficient cross training...

Stretch #4 Piriformis stretch
  • Lie on the floor on your back and cross the left ankle over the right knee
  • "Thread the needle" and grip the thigh of your right leg with both hands clasped together to pull the knee towards you, lifting the foot off the floor
  • Pull the knee further towards you to increase the stretch
  • Hold for 20 seconds

At Mt Ainslie

Young Janene with no "i" chasing hard with both feet off the ground!


  1. Was that a deliberate misspelling of Janene? :o) Nice to know she's considered to still be young.

  2. I thought "Jenine" didn't look quite right .... It's not 11:00am yet, I'm not quite awake...

  3. Still not awake yet? There's no "i" in Janene :o)

  4. No idea who! That Janene with no "i" could do to lose a bit of weight, it surely cannot be helping up the hills!

  5. I'd been awake for 6 hours :(

    Love that stretch by the way.