Friday, 23 September 2011

“Is it Saturn?"

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Clarke&Dawe in touch with reality. From

Last night at the Dog Park: Ewen, Craig, Jen & I ran early; Nadine did an early run too; Yelena ran the warm-up run but had to leave; on the grass track at Yarralumla 2, 400m (exactly one lap) intervals were run by Andrew, Bronwyn, Caroline, Craig, Nadine, Ewen and Jeni. One lap timed, then four laps handicapped. Next week we return to Dickson, for just two weeks and then the track season starts on 13 October with races at the AIS Athletics track on Thursday nights from 6:00pm.


  1. It seems I have a few things to run for ;o)

  2. She needs to get in the weight room if she plans to run through her ex-boyfriends new girlfriends.

  3. Ah, the "run through" picture. It's funny reading comments out of context, which I do via google reader, having forgotten what was in the post already. For a while there I couldn't imagine who needed to do weights or why they were "running through" anyone.

  4. I only read your blog for the pictures.