Sunday, 18 September 2011

go jump in the lake

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Sydney running festival
Very hot condition meant most runners slowed down drastically in the second half and made full use of the water stations. Our Warrick was no exception: his first half was run in 1:45, and his second half in 2:09. His preparation and his physical condition were not the issue; it was simply far too hot for running a marathon, and Warrick was far too sensible to rush past drink stations. I would have been looking for a lake to jump into!.

speedygeese in the Sydney marathon
Warrick Howieson 3:54.00

speedygeese in the half marathon
Michelle Wells 1:31.43 pb for any half marathon
Elizabeth Bennett 1:35.36
Bronia Rowe 1:45.59
Craig Davis 1:46.35
Suzie Gye 1:56.00
Susan Sturgeon 1:58.11

Michelle's performance to run a new PB under those conditions is extraordinary. She was 33rd female and 10th W35. Liz was 4th W45. Others in the half marathon I know of include Tesso 1:34.56 and Jeff Grey 1:26.36

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  1. I'll give Michelle at least a 1:29:59 for that - on a cool day and flat course.