Sunday, 11 May 2008


Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, May 11, 2008 with 5 comments
Now's the chance to settle into my regular routine. Which is (to be)

Monday4:30pmParliament House warm-up run
5:30pmParliament House group training
Tuesdayearlymedium-long run
9:15amVets Tuesday Group run
Wednesday9:20amFlexibility & Strength class
10:30amOne Hour easy run
12:30pmBBQ Stakes tempo run
Thursday11:00amLong run
5:30pmJog/Supervise Dickson group training
Friday12:00 noonFlexibility & Strength class
1:30pmSpeed-work at Stromlo
SaturdayMeet others? long run
SundayMeet others? jog, catch-up, race, or rest

Note to self - plus regular stretching!
Most of the above I am already doing. But not the stretching!
And next Sunday is the Canberra Half Marathon. So I will have to figure out how much easing off is necessary for that.

Go Kayleigh

Kayleigh ran 21st in her 8&9 year girls District cross country. Great run!


  1. Kayleigh definitely looks very focussed and what a gap before the next person - must be taking after her grandad!

  2. What a busy schedule, so many double up sessions/days.

  3. Tuesday morning running straight after Monday night's speed is very hard - I run out of legs by the end of Tuesday morning - and generally bounce right back by Wednesday lunchtime! The rest of the week is OK.

  4. Congrats to Kayleigh! She is so cute & looks like she is easily taking on the competition! Looks like she has a bright future in the running world!

    Best of luck in your upcoming half!

  5. Tesso, it's easy to have such a schedule when you're a full-time athlete - umm - I mean, retired ;)

    Kayleigh has great form - the same form as in those black and white photos of Speedygeoff!