Sunday, 25 May 2008

Fun and Games

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, May 25, 2008 with 5 comments
Amaroo, a suburb of Canberra, has a footy ground and an eight lane athletics track whose grass is in a considerably better state than Dickson's. And it has lights. It is a pity that Amaroo is in the far north-west corner of Canberra, else we could train there. People won't travel to Stromlo because it is "so far away" (which isn't true, it is central) so with petrol prices still sky-rocketing they certainly wouldn't travel to Amaroo. Anyway, yesterday I spent a pleasant 2 hours in the sun watching Bronwyn's team play Tuggeranong there.

Please don't score another goal

Please... Please... Oh, darn!

Look out umpire!

If the ball doesn't land on your head, umpire, we all might!

This month I am the proud holder of the BBQ Stakes trophy - having on 7 May in the 6k handicap been third in the "retireds" team and ahead of third in any other team. (so it's pretty random who gets it. Nevertheless!).

Here's the speedygeese mascot admiring the trophy.

Subscribers to this blog number 23 via bloglines, and only 7 via google reader. I find this a little surprising, as I transferred from bloglines to google reader quite a long time ago and found it excellent. For example, the “latest blog posts” boxes on the right hand sidebar are produced by google reader. But I suppose bloglines gained popularity some years ago amongst the coolrunning bloggers and must still work reasonably well, so people don't bother to change.

If you want to try out google reader, go to and under the "more" tab, select "reader". I particularly like its "discover" option, where it points out blogs I might like to subscribe to, based on those I already do.


  1. So, who won? Richmond or Freo?

    I'll have my trophy medium rare.

  2. Our girls were only 3 goals to two down at half time but were too beaten up to stave off a nine goals to 3 final score, as I recall it. A-R scored our first goal and a very well executed behind later in the game. Jodie skilfully had a weekend down the coast and thus avoided defeat. Anyway the opposition were the top team last year and our girls are improving every game.

  3. They gave you a mixing bowl and a breadboard? Well, it beats a wooden spoon, I suppose...

    Sure that wasn't BBQ "steaks"? It's a very strange place you live in, Geoff. :-)

  4. i like your captions!

    all photos gratefully accepted!

  5. Congrats on your trophy win. It looks like your mascot thinks there's food in there.