Thursday, 15 May 2008

Coming Events

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Saturday 17 May
3:00PM Half Marathon Eve 1.5k Mini Jog
3:30PM Half Marathon Eve 5k Fun Run

Late entries will be taken on the day. ACTCCC members run for free and will be issued with a race bib. ACTCCC members must register to receive race bib and are requested to arrive early

Sunday 18 May
9:00am Half Marathon 21.1k

If you entered before 2nd May your name will be on our list of entrants on the club website Chest bibs have been posted to all on that list except those from overseas or as requested. If you have not received your race bib a new one can be provided on Sunday morning prior to the start. Late entries continue to be received online and will be accepted up until late PM 15th May.via our website and Register Now. Hardcopy late entries will be accepted on the day from 7.30am onwards. Our preferred method for payment of late entries on the day is cash. We will have well over 600 starters on the day.
Parking - Sunday only
Flynn Drive the road that is directly alongside Lennox Gardens forms part of the half marathon course. So please do not try to park on Flynn Drive or try to enter the small Lennox Gardens car park area. The area will be coned off and we will have marshals there to move you on. Similarly please do not park on Alexandrina Drive which is also part of the course. Parking for family and friends arriving in this area after 9.30am will be permissible as all half marathoners should be through this area by then. For half marathoners there is plenty of parking elsewhere and an easy walk to the start area. Please park legally and safely and walk to the Start/Finish area.
Race bibs must be worn on the front of your race clothing, not altered in any way and above your waist line.
Please do not run under the finishing clock more than once. This being the time that you finish your half marathon. Our results depend on all runners doing the right thing.

Monday 19 May
5:30PM Normal training at Parliament House
The training session will finish by 6:30pm.
7:30PM ACTVAC Annual General Meeting

Western District Rugby Union Club (WESTS) Catchpole Street, Macquarie

Thursday 22 May
No training session at Dickson
7:00PM training group dinner

Thai Chiang Rai, 102 Emu Bank Belconnen
Banquet: Wontons, Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay, Red Curry Beef, Prawns & Cashews, Paat Thai Chicken & Prawns, Stir Fry Mixed vegetables, Steamed Jasmine Rice, Tea/Coffee. Cost $28.90pp. Or a vegetarian banquet is available, $27.90pp.
All names to me please, on or before this Monday night.

The dinner venue.


  1. Anonymous15 May, 2008

    Some people actually run under the finishing clock more than once? Don't they know they've finished?

  2. Or perhaps if you cross the line very slowly they think there are several of you? Of course, that explains why we encourage people to do a sprint finish. I never realised!

  3. Anonymous, I think it's to dissuade fast finishers from jogging back along the course and pacing slower friends to the finish.