Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Claiming my Steak

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, May 07, 2008 with 3 comments
My training progress
last week’s target: 60k
achieved: 60k
year 2008 total to date: 1540k in 18 weeks
this week's target: 80k
weight: 63.5kg ▲
My weight is a little bit higher than it should be, but not too bad, and after another weekend of partying coming up I should be able to get back into a more usual routine next week.

Must say I enjoyed Monday's run from McLaren Vale to Willunga and back along the old train track which is now a recreation trail. Tuesday it rained so I didn't run, and we flew home that afternoon anyway. But 80k this week is still possible.

BBQ STAKES speedygeese times today
SpeedyGeoff 25:26 first "race" as an M60 so therefore a PB
Charlie 27:50
Roger 29:35
Helen 29:47
I ran third for "retireds" who took out the team prize today. So I took home the trophy this month; that's a first. But I had to put in a protest to stake my claim and claim my steak; the protest was successful! I celebrated by buying some new running shoes, as you do.

Cutting the Cake

Last Sunday at Belair. 6 candles and an O.


  1. 'O'! Clever - 60 candles would have melted the icing ;)

    Are you bringing left-over cake for the geese on Monday night?

  2. Good to see you are milking your big 60 for all its worth :)

  3. I blew out 2 candles at a function tonight - only 2 as we wouldn't want chocolate cheesecake to melt either. Sorry, all known pieces of cake eaten and accounted for. This series of parties continues both this Saturday and Sunday until at the earliest the 22nd. Then new excuses will be found. 60 is good!