Thursday, 1 May 2008

Beaten by a nanometre

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, May 01, 2008 with 4 comments
In praise of the joy of learning and doing new things which foster growth and enhance life.

Seven year old grandson Jossie was learning last week about nanometres, micrometres, millimetres etc. His thirst for knowledge is endless. So I was interested to hear him say that his mate beat him in the school cross country race "by four inches". He's learning ALL the words. I am starting to realise how pedantic I have been in the last forty years in disapproving usage of the old imperial weights and measures. So as a new life resolution, I will stop being so pedantic about "correctness". For a start, use of crass nasal american pronunciation, as used in eastern Australia, instead of the cultured english pronunciation up with which I was brought in South Australia of words such as chance, grant, plant for example have always annoyed me but I am going to get over it. I might even start pronouncing the american way words the easterners actually get "right" like path, past, fast, half. Also, ending sentences with prepositions was something up with which I was not brought. Now I determine not to worry any more and go with the flow. After all, you don't want me to evolve into a cranky old man, do you?

Jossie at Gerroa playing cricket

Tonight Dickson training is on. I will be in Adelaide.
Monday night Parliament House training is on. But I will still be in Adelaide.
In a week's time Dickson is on again. I will probably be in Shellharbour.
Monday week I'M BACK for Parliament House training!


  1. Hello Speedygeoff

    Liked your opening sentence "In praise of the joy of learning and doing new things which foster growth and enhance life." My oldest boy is 7 like your G'kid Jossie and I can relate to how interesting/amazing it is to see how they deal with learning new things.

    Related to this, I have a new favorite blog whose premise is similar to "In praise of....."
    If you have some time between your various activities take a look it's a beauty.

    By the way your Grandkids all look a little like you, I reckon. And being an English teacher in Japan I've learn't not to be too pedantic for no other reason than for my own mental health. It's the message that counts, as they say.

  2. I can remember vividly the first time My Wife (who was born in Adelaide), told me I didn't speak correctly. I had no idea what so ever what she was talking about. She gave up trying to convert me and all the other uncultured Queenslanders many years go though.

  3. You think on the east coast are bad, ay. Maybe you should travel to north western Qld, ay. That would test your new found tolerance, ay.

  4. Eh Tesso, what was that all about, ay?

    Good to see young Jossie learning, and you not taking things for grAnted. I've always enjoyed being over 6' tall, and breasting the tape to win the 100 metres by a couple of inches.

    Love "up with which I was not brought"!