Sunday, 18 November 2007

Stromlo Cross Country

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, November 18, 2007 with 3 comments
Today I ran at the new facility at Stromlo. I was very, very pleased to see Adam, Roger, Ewen and Kathy having a run there as well, and Christopher called by to say Hi. Those of you who forgot it was on or didn't make it for whatever reason missed out on a unique experience, ha ha I ran there before you.

Wonderful course
Now what? I would like to start training there; why don't we plan to meet next Saturday 24 Nov at 9:00am and have a training run? The venue is ideal for the kind of interval training we used to do at North Lyneham, but of course it is an infinitely better surface. Please contact me (a) if you will join me just this Saturday, or (b) if you want to try out the course and prefer another time, and I will see what I can do.

Start this Saturday then decide where to from here
The course is marked every 100m and has several choices of direction and gradient. Another reason for trying it on Saturday is to check who else is around, if the toilets are open, whether there are any problems using the area.

New hub for running, training and racing
It should become the main hub for the Canberra running community. A big advantage is, it is central, easy to get to. At the moment, little shade and maximum exposure to the elements is a short-coming, but in years to come the trees will grow and the surrounds will become most attractive. As it is, the views are magnificent!

You could even run in bare feet
if you wanted to. I will try out my "Frees".

I have been told it will be always open

so let's hope there are no teething troubles!

After that there will be a Spring Series race
there on 4 December, again over 5k, which will give you and me the opportunity to repeat the experience. And then I will get a concensus and decide if we will be training there regularly. Members of many other training group represented there today were raving about the course! So even if we don't end up having organised sessions there, I may just train there regardless when I can.


The two lap course was run in around 22 mins by Roger & Ewen, around 25:40 by me & 26 mins or so by Adam. Kathy ran about half of the elite 8k race but at that very fast pace experienced hamstring problems - I know how she feels!


  1. Yes, it was bloody good! Where was everyone? A brilliant venue, and great for Frees or barefoot (provided they keep watering the grass).

    Saturday mornings are not good for me (long run). Friday afternoon maybe, or perhaps some Monday sessions for a change of scenery.

    22:25 by the way :) A very bad positive split - 10:55, 11:30.

  2. I reckon ONE OTHER reliable TAKER and I'd go for Friday afternoons. But we'd need LOTS of drink, and fly spray. I don't think we'd be bothered by other users at that time, could be good!

    My splits were 13:30 and 12:10. A negative split to dream of.

  3. Yes, should be quiet Fridays. Maybe a later start? The Bungendore Doctor usually blows in bit after 6.