Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Revive the hyphen!

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 with 4 comments
I read that hyphens may be disappearing from our written language because of the increasing popularity of SMS's. Bring back the hyphen! Phase out excess apostrophes' usage instead!

Training Monday Night saw Alan, Amanda, Emma, Ewen, Gary, GeoffB, GeoffM, Helen, Katie, Ken, Maria, MickH, Neil, Peter, Rachelle, Ruth and Sonia run five intervals (plus an introductory lap) of 670m on a circuit which included one short sharp up-hill. We re-grouped after each interval and re-started every five minutes. A good re-hearsal for the two-peaks mountain run some ill-advised members of the training-group will attempt this Saturday.

Kelley's silver medal

More than one person has asked me "Where's Kelley?" Since winning this silver medal at Bulls Head on the 21st, Kelley has been suffering from a bout of sciatica. Let's hope that avoiding steep down-hills for a while will help clear it up.

How to get walkers to run.

If you haven't encountered Japanese television before, I apologise for shocking you. This is but a mild example!


  1. Excess exclaimation marks will also need to be monitered!!

  2. Knot two mention speling misteaks! Anything mispelt will be re-moved!!

  3. Bad apostrophe's are my favourite!!!! Jims' wearing his SCT singlet!!! Someone shouldve told Kelley their arent' any hills on the track!! Now I know where shes at!