Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Love and Kisses

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 with 2 comments
On Sunday at Innabaanya, Colin gave every long-course runner a kiss before they started. Here he is kissing Amanda. Check out the anticipation on the faces of Charlie and Kevin, and especially Sonia! Colin said afterwards that he regretted kissing everyone in Movember, as many of the starters had prickly mo’s. Sonia said afterwards that she will return from Melbourne at the end of 2008 specifically to take Colin’s place as chief kisser. On the other hand, Amanda was not impressed and is suing for molestation. John Kennedy took the photo, pity, a video would have been quite a hit on YouTube.

Monday night training saw Ewen, Ken, Amanda, Katie, Garry, Helen, Neil, Margaret, Annette, Trevor, Peter, Alan, Mick H. Allegedly. Not me! I had a very pleasant 14k run at mid-day when it was still warm and sunny. In the afternoon they ran the same session as last week in light rain. Very cooling. Ewen reports the post training stretches were done standing, as the grass was too wet! Last week it was the bighty bugs that provoked complaints. Never happy, I don't know!

Thursday’s scheduled track program
6.00 1000/5000m walk
6.20 200m hurdles
6.30 100m Boag
6.45 4x1500m relay
7.20 200m Daniels, 200m scratch
7.45 Medley relay 2x200m, 1x400m, 1x800m
8.00 Spiral 7
Hmmm. Some people have been known to take an hour for a 5000m walk.

song of the week: I have added “Up and Up” to the blog “song of the week” playlist … on the side bar.


  1. Great Captioning for the photo.

    Only Thomas Series runners were aligible for this treat?

  2. John's timing is perfect - what a photographer!

    Sonia's reaction is fantastic.