Friday, 2 November 2007


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One virtue I champion in my training group is consistency. Of course, there are alternative views!

Last night's track brought on the rain again; regardless, it was a better night than last week. I noticed that Colin and Ken had good runs in the 3000m "Pennington", Emma ran a 1500m for the very first time, and a 400m; Bronwyn completed six events on my count; and Emma and Bronwyn featured in two excellent baton changes in the 4x100m relay, just as if they had been practising.

This season quite a few new people are competing; now if only we could attract a few more old people!

I struggled through three events and did OK, but I had to fend off serious leg soreness between runs. And my right foot seized up later last night but seems better this morning. That's four injuries now and counting!

Many other speedygeese ran track and all the results will be available soon.

50,000 visits
Colin and Katie received their Caramel Koala prizes last night, for being rare.

There may be more such random contests, keep reading! One which I will foreshadow now, although it is some way down the track, is a special prize of a book for my 50,000th blog visit! More about that later. It is quite a long way off yet but the more often you visit the better the chance you will have!

Stretch 15 - Rhomboid/rotator cuff

Stand with feet slightly apart and arms at your sides. Lift one arm, with the elbow locked, and raise it across your chest toward the opposite side.


  1. That's one of my favourites. Along with "aim low and you'll always hit the target" ;)

  2. i thought you just valued a twangggggg

    i misread that totally.

    okay. i've filed my devil horns. how fun would it be to get people's hopes up for a great book and then have the prize be Posh's autobiography or something like a bodice-rippin' romance?

  3. It WILL be a BRILLIANT book. I just won't decide what book until the great day approaches.
    The trick will be trying to figure out who the person is: I can see their Domain Name, IP Address, ISP, Rough Location, Language, Operating System, Browser, Time of Visit, Referring URL, Time Zone, and of course their Visit Number which will be 50,000. It might still be a guess as to who they are. But I enjoy a challenge.