Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Another day another 14k

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Spring Series North Curtin (allegedly 5k, actually 4.88k)
10. Maria O'Reilly W50 21:55
16. Kelley Flood W45 22:26
19. Annette Sugden W45 22:47
31. Rae Palmer W60 25:49

34. Mick Horan M45 19:59
47. Roger Pilkington M45 21:28
48. Geoff Moore M55 21:33
57. Peter McDonald M50 23:08
69. Geoff Barker M60 26:00

Just one hill to run up on the way out - it went for nearly 2k. On my warm-up I saw the course marker decide to put the turn cones down "short", to save him cycling further up the hill into the wind to where the turn was meant to be. Mr Flibble confirmed the course was short. But I reckon the times are comparable to 5k for those of us who don't do hills.

So I am back into it. Let's hope I didn't make a big mistake running in the race, as I was sucked into speeding up in the second half of the race. At least my hamstrings seem better.

At the run, Adrian Rumore thanked me for referring Strewth to his physiotherapy practice. A nice guy. Who told her she couldn't run at all until late next week. So now there's a vacancy 4:30 on Monday for someone else to slow Ewen down on our 7-8k run.

Fly Neil Fly

Another of our speedygeese running strongly at Innabaanya (don't I just love typing that name?!) on Sunday. Neil is running just fast enough to make Monika look like she's walking! Photo by John Kennedy.

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  1. Neil should be disqualified from the walk with that style!

    I'm good at running slowly - I actually have to run fast to keep up with Strewth!