Saturday, 22 September 2007

Who Reads This? Search Me.

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, September 22, 2007 with 3 comments
The last four searches have been for "Canberra Times Fun Run Results." My advice is, buy last Thursday's paper; the Canberra Times are after newspaper sales, not internet hits.

Prior to that, "running action flailing legs". My advice is, wait on, Aki is a contributor, I will get her to write the definitive story. No Ewen, it wasn't Aki submitting the search, its source was the UK.

And "snow patrol final straw". Of course. Now if only I had gone to the Powderfinger Silverchair concert and written that up. OK, I have. A big tent in Canberra's cold did not appeal. Though I do like the old Powderfinger, a bit.

Then another half a dozen folk looking for Fun Run times. (OK, the winner broke 30 minutes but not the course record, it was Brett Cartwright, no one in Canberra knows him that well, but he has lived here for some years, he trains alone.) Happy?

A "running time chart". I get that one regularly. Happy to oblige. It's linked from the side-bar.

No "Nic Bideau" or "Craig Mottram" in the last 100 hits / 2 days. I get that one regularly as well. But how many more would there be if Craig had won "that" race, heh? By the way, I noticed on Cool Running heaps of criticism of Nic and his training methods. Oh yeah, who else in the western world has achieved what Nic has with Craig, eh? Boo to all critics, that's what I say. It's a very unpleasant and well documented Australian trait - the tall poppy syndrome. Craig was in the race. Where were you?

No strange and unusual hits in the last two days. They are not all that uncommon though. One reason the search engines find me is that I update this every day. The other reason is that I know a lot of words. (That's an attempt at humour, by the way).

So name-dropping Rob de Castella and mentioning that he finished the Fun Run may attract some interest. More likely though is that people will want to know "how to train for the 800m", or "how to stretch". I might write something on "how not to stretch" though, and they still find me.

My grand-daughter Kayleigh blitzing the competition on the beam in the NSW state gymnastics championships.

1. The Vets Handicap tomorrow is at the old Deeks Forest start point, on Uriarra Road near its intersection with Cotter Road. Long course is 8k, short course 4k. Anyone aged 30 and over can run.

2. Yes it's a week early. That was in case anyone wanted to go in a throwing competition next weekend and would have missed the handicap. (How likely would that be?!)

3. Next year a new policy comes into force which will see all Vets handicaps run on the last Sunday of the month, with very few exceptions (e.g. if that would clash with Easter). Hurray!


  1. I've always considered myself an expert at flailing legs. I now am hoping to become an expert on counter curses to flailing legs. I will post something one day, but first I need to see if the experiment works.

  2. Aki! We need some "before" video!

  3. Amusing - just got a hit on "running times for Powderfinger and Silverchair"!