Friday, 7 September 2007

Some people have no sense of humour

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, September 07, 2007 with 5 comments
Namely, NSW police, and, as we know, all Americans.

These are the fake APEC passes Julian Morrow and Chas Licciardello had on them. They carry the words "Insecurity", "Joke" and "It's pretty obvious this isn't a real pass".

I wish could have been there. Hilarious.

Story here.


  1. no one looks at passes. i can't believe that the men and women at train stations can read all the tickets during rush hour. if you hold anything up with confidence, you're in. simple.

    everything... i'm convinced eh vuh ree thing is in the delivery.

  2. I saw this story over here and found it amusing. I'm pretty sick of been told to be afraid and people taking things too seriously so I was glad to see this.

    Toasty makes a good point too.

  3. "I wish could have been there"? What the h*** am I talking about?
    And Katy, I EXPECTED you would comment first, good thing you are an Aussie or you would have been grumpy.
    BTW Katy, your photo (is it that bad?) is giving blogger a cardiac arrest.

  4. Just shows how pathetic security is at APEC

  5. That is exactly how the passes are set out though as I one of my drivers has had to get one for a job today for the Russians.