Saturday, 29 September 2007

The sacrifices we make!

Posted by Ewen on Saturday, September 29, 2007 with 2 comments
Speedygeoff is off on an 1,100k road trip to Adelaide to run in a 5000 metre race. Didn't anybody tell him he could run one of those out at the AIS track?

I was thinking about the sacrifices we runners make in the pursuit of our sport. For instance, today I was only able to squeeze in a 10k run, before a lunch date at Tosolinis with four young ladies. Yes, four! Perhaps you can guess who they were? One offered to kick me in the shin with her good leg, after a joke I made at her expense. One is blonde, wears red leather and Greek jewellery. Two were from Brisbane.

It was Grand Final day, but it hardly crossed my mind. OK... 1.30 lunch, out of there by 3, home 40 minutes later to catch the second half. Nup, didn't happen. What is it with females and three hour lunches? What did I do wrong? Probably ordering the Field Mushrooms - all three of them. Red leather girl then took pity on me and we ordered dessert and more coffee. Tiramisu! I wondered if this would give me an 'up arrow' for the weekly weigh-in. Anyway, it was a great lunch with great company. Who cares about footy?

It was only Geelong v Port Adelaide. Lee Troop's team against the second-best team in the competition and the best team from Adelaide. The Cats won by 119 points! It would have been totally boring after the first quarter. I wonder if the second-best team from Adelaide would have done any better? At least one of the Speedygeese would have been happy. He was only knee-high to a grasshopper when Geelong won their last flag in 1963. A pity you missed out on the draw for Grand Final tickets Mick. You can finally dust off the old jumper and wear it to training on Monday night.


  1. Wonderful lunch today Ewen - that tiramisu was to die for! How much better was the company of "young" ladies than watching the grand final! Now we just have to run longer to work it all off!!

  2. Geez Ewen any man who would prefer to watch the footy to the company of 4 women and tiramisu has no sense in my book.

    You lucky guy (bastard).