Friday, 21 September 2007


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Thursday training saw Al, Anna, Barbara, Bronwyn, Colin, Geoff B, me, Jacqui, Joel, Ken, Maria, Matthew, Tim, Tony, and Yelena run a simple pyramid of 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 100, 80, 60, 40 and 20 seconds with a jog of the same duration before each sprint. A good session on a cool and humid night.

At the BBQ Stakes on Wednesday Roger ran 27:23, I ran 27:27, and Helen 28.33. Roger hadn’t run the CTFR but Helen & I were still in recovery mode. That’s my excuse anyway.

Sarah ran her first ever 10k in Sunday's Fun Run.

My ten favourite songs of all time are currently

1RunSnow PatrolFinal Straw
2YesterdaysSwitchfootOh! Gravity
3StormLifehouseWho We Are
4RemyxomatosisRadioheadCom Lag (2+2=5)
5Make This Go On ForeverSnow PatrolEyes Open
6RecoveryGraeme HushHome
7ChocolateSnow PatrolFinal Straw
8Stop WhisperingRadioheadPablo Honey
10Shut Your EyesSnow PatrolEyes Open
I list these because today I plan to purchase a CD player for the car for the first time. Hurrah! Ready for the Adelaide holiday. (I hope the installation is trouble free!)

The Last Word
And (from Wikipedia) "Veldhoven is a municipality and a town on the Gender stream in the southern Netherlands, located just southwest of Eindhoven." So now you know.


  1. don't you just hate when you write a comment and lose it? so .... OMG ... you cut out half the picture ... i told them to do that to my wedding photos but I was joking ....

  2. Snap! I just got my first ever car CD player. My only regret is I waited so long to get it.

  3. Friday I bought it, installed it, and it works. Now to cut some new CDs....

    I wonder which half of his wedding photos iliketoast asked to be cut....

    Sarah looks SO much better by herself than when the other three girls are in the photo (doesn't she SG?). Anyway, four girls marrying each other is not legal, for some reason, such a photo (IF it were like that) definitely requiring censorship.