Friday, 31 October 2014

Starts 1 November - the 30 day challenge

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I will post here in my blog the day's exercises each day. Today, the full table.

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You can follow how we all go. The hashtag on both Facebook and Instagram will be #SpeedyGeoff30DayChallenge. As you progress, copy and paste the hashtag with your feedback on either platform!

Some tips for the five exercises:
Squats: Best to use just bodyweight. Slow not fast. Legs shoulder width apart. Torso upright, sit back as if about to sit in a chair. Halfway down, pause and back up again.

Plank: On floor, resting on forearms is easiest. Keep body straight, avoid sticking bottom up in the air. Hold still and breathe normally.

Crunches: many variations possible, could mix in one session. Ensure neck is not strained, don't arch back. A good beginner's option is table top with legs, pointing skyward with arms, raise upper body off ground, hold for a few seconds, and lower slowly.

Push-ups: On floor or to make them easier on an incline. The larger the angle to the floor the easier they are.

Lunges: In place or stepping forward. The knee shouldn't go past the foot of the same leg. Count however you like.

A bit of a warmup first is a good idea, and some stretching of tight bits afterwards.

None of these exercises require equipment!

Note: this is aimed primarily at runners in my training group who generally have found these exercises not that easy. I will be doing them too. They are of course good for anyone.


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