Thursday, 23 October 2014

"When I'm 64" parody

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"Heart rate 64"

Now that I’m older, losing my hair
Slower all the time
Ruth will still be sending me a card on my
Birthday with a bottle of wine
I can still run for 2 hours or 3
Sometimes even 4
Miranda runs with me, Andy stays by me
Heart rate 64.

Ewen’s older too
And if you just run slow
I could stay with you

Checking my smartphone, reading the news
Am I still alive
Jen can make our singlets by her fireside
Monday evenings join us outside
Forget the garden let there be weeds
They can grow some more
Peter runs past me, Colin speeds by me
Heart rate 64

Every winter we can fix a lantern on our hats or heads
If it’s not too cold
We shall jog along
Grandchildren racing past
Isaac Brett and Dom

Send me a postcard, when you’re away
For the speedygeese
Mick and Chris and Bron and Dave and Rod and Rae
Too much food not wasting away
Warrick is quite fit Garry quite fast
Bronwyn so much more
Marilyn runs well Caroline keeps up
Heart rate 64

Haven’t a care not stuck in a chair
Til I’m 94

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  1. Even better with the coloured names!