Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A place I’ve only imagined

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Hard Graft
It was heavy labour indeed; a solid work-out for those training on Monday at Parliament House. The three person continuous relay was set up to enable most runners to nearly get to their take-over points each time, but for the slower runners in each team, not quite. And 24 minutes was more than enough time to see everyone tuckered out at the end.

Miranda & I ran early; then we set up teams of Sarah, Jen & Andy; Tori, Verena & Craig, and Eliza, Tony & Ewen. However both Miranda & I subbed at various times.

I am pleased to report that my heel seems mostly repaired and I suffered no ill effects from the harder effort yesterday. Other than being tuckered.

Happy first Tuesday in November

Song of the Week: "Higher", by P.O.D.
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"A place I’ve only imagined"

How fast should your long easy run be?
"Race-specific long runs are an integral part of a training plan and can help take your running to the next level. However, if your long run is designed to be a relatively easy day and you run too hard, you’ll start your next workout too fatigued and risk poor performance and injury."

"If you’re feeling tired and the long run isn’t scheduled to be a “hard” day, don’t be afraid to slow it down. Start on the slower side of the pace recommendations (50% of 5K pace) and slowly pick it up throughout the run if you feel good. The long run is one of the staples of your training week – make it count!"

Read more at http://running.competitor.com/2012/11/training/how-fast-should-your-easy-long-runs-be_60984.


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