Friday, 23 November 2012

rising to the challenge

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, November 23, 2012 with 5 comments
Congratulation to Craig Davis, winner of the long-running speedygeese challenge to see who would be the first to go under 20 minutes for 5k for the first time. 19:58.49 tonight, and to think that two months ago his PB was 21:30!

Craig working hard. As always.

The other outstanding performance last night was Norma Wallett breaking the Australian W80 5000m record by a whopping 5 minutes. The national record was around 36:06, and Norma ran 31:11.58. Ewen would be too humble to mention it, but Ewen has been coaching Norma for many years. And be sure to regularly check out Norma's blog at, in fact, subscribe to it like I do.

"Here she is after her record breaking run still fresh as a daisy:)" Photo and caption by Ruth, and check Ruth's blog soon for more photos, probably.

I ran a 21:52.85, more than a minute better than recent runs. My km splits were ~4:20, 4:24, 4:21, 4:26, 4:20. The 3k split ~13:05, way faster than the last three weeks worth. I am recovering from injury much quicker than I imagined. Racing felt so much easier, too

My recovery run today (after an hour's circuit in the gym) was a 10k run that seemed to go on forever, particular the uphill parts. It's worth publishing the elevation map as well as the course map. Tomorrow, a longer run is scheduled, and it will be flat.

Yes, Charnwood to Mt Rogers and return.

Results from Customs 5k last Friday 16/11
Andrew Simpson 20:36
Kym Chisholm 22:08
Amanda Cook 26:48


  1. Nice running Craig... 90sec in 2 month anyone would be happy with that.

    And as for Narma, are you sure she isn't a W60!!!

    1. She's 6 minutes faster than the W85 WORLD record. Now if she can just hang onto her form for two more years.... Or do you start to slow down at 84?

  2. Congratulations to Craig and Norma - fantastic races by both. You were pretty good yourself Speedychief! Nice splits too.

    I'm not coaching Norma these days. For this race she followed the 5k plan from the 'Run Less, Run Faster' book with a few modifications - different cross-training and doing drills etc. She's very dedicated to her running! W85 world record definitely on the cards - if one doesn't dramatically slow down at age 84!

    1. A little moral support still no doubt.

      Norma's 95.0% isn't a bad age percentage!

    2. Yes! I'd be eccstatic if I could achieve an age percentage of 75 by the time I'm 83. Just have to keep on improving!