Saturday, 3 November 2012

New York off

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After saying that the Marathon was going ahead, it has just been announced that it won't be. How very disappointing. What terrible timing.

Results from Thursday
- no results. The electronic timing failed. I think Kym and Yelena ran.

4x1500m - see yesterday's post

M50 Rod Lynch 11:04.46 76.9%
M50 Roger Pilkington 13:21.01 64.4
M60 Geoff Moore 13:18.67 71.0
W30 Kym Chisholm 12:33.52 66.6
W30 Yelena Pearson 14:41.00 56.9
W50 Helen Larmour 12:36.08 80.9

M40 Craig Davis 20:27.98 67.2%
M55 Ewen Thompson 22:17.48 67.4

Despite a shocking run in the 3000m, at least I improved from last week's 1500m age percentage of 70.5% to score a 71%. I had a long run this morning: 90 minutes, and even though it was only 14k, there was no heel pain this time. And my cold is improving. My weight may be dropping too; I reckon I lost a kilo of phlegm on the run. Now to see whether I can progress, or will it all worsen again?

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  1. Good timing for the airlines and hotels in NY - people have already travelled!

    Kym ran about 73 on my watch and Yelena low 90s I think.