Monday, 14 March 2016

song of the week: "August 30th"

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"August 30th", by Delirious?

This is my favourite Delirious? song, written 20 years ago. It's on their first album, "King of Fools"

From Wikipedia: ""August 30th" is a song written and recorded by UK rock band Delirious?, which appears on the band's 1997 studio album, King of Fools. The song was written by lead singer, Martin Smith and it is about his recovery from a near-fatal car accident which happened on 30 August 1995. During his time in hospital the band made a decision to go full-time. The police report says that there were four people in the car, but only Smith, his wife Anna and the band's bass player Jon Thatcher were there. Jon says in the Now Is The Time DVD documentary "We had a mystery guest that night.""


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