Thursday, 17 March 2016

Change your parkrun team to "Speedy Geese"

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Everyone should come along to parkrun. It's a great way to exercise at the start of each weekend.

Each parkrun is 5k which can be walked, jogged, run, or raced. Parkrun can be found at Ginninderra, Tuggeranong, Gungahlin, and further afield, all around the world in fact. One registration, and from then on you can participate anywhere.

When you register, a team name is optional. But we now have a speedygeese team.

How to be part of the team:
If you are already registered, go back in and re-set your parkrun club to Speedy Geese. Go to a “your result” parkrun email. Click “manage my profile” . Select club “Speedy Geese”. It's on the list.

If you are not registered, it’s easy to join. You only need to register once and print off your bar code.

It’s free. I like free.

A randomly selected photo from the Ginninderra parkrun, where I usually go to walk, run, or race.


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