Friday, 11 March 2016

where I am injured

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It's a muscle-tendon junction tear in my right calf at the meeting of the soleus muscle with the achilles tendon.

So no running allowed, no lower leg exercises such as squats or lunges.

What I am doing is: training in the gym with weight machines including assisted chinups, and using both the rowing machine and the stationary cycle; walking 5k most days; continuing the plank challenge (today is day 11: 1 minute); I am stretching hamstring, quad, glutes, hip flexors, ITB, soleus, and achilles, I am strengthening with easy calf raises and I am icing the lower right calf. I will add in swimming, and will use a fitball for additional core work, both as time permits. The main aim is to try and maintain some endurance fitness. The injury is less of a concern, it will recover in due course. I am taking my time.

Meanwhile here is a pic of my Parliament House WALK before supervising training on Monday. Two laps.


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