Wednesday, 23 March 2016

speedygeese training

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 with 2 comments
At Parliament House on Monday Thach ran early, while I walked 5k. I am still not allowed to run.
The main session was a repeat of "Rose Garden 200s". Because I am not running, I prepared a page with a range of interval times all the better to coach them with. The challenge will be to gradually progress from later start times to earlier ones with shorter breaks. Details this time:
Ruth, Caroline, Diana and Alex started each 3:00 minutes,
Rae and Andy every 2:55,
Christopher ran one "on 2:50" and disappeared,
Dale, Warrick, Rohan, Susan and Pieta started on 2:45,
Dave C was off each 2:30,
Jen 2:25, and
Colin 2:20.
The session went for 30 minutes. All will be encouraged to move to harder groups next time, except for any who "just made it" to the next start.

Ruth: looking good for the marathon.

Ruth sprinting home in the weston Creek half marathon.


1. Training will continue on Easter Monday as usual.
2. Dickson training on Thursdays commences 31 March.
3. The next Yacht Club dinner after training will be on 11 April.


  1. I've caught the calf injury bug that's been going around. Not sure when I'll be back. Hope it's not too long.

  2. I thought it was hammie injuries that were more prevalent. Look after your calf and feed her often Ewen! 11 April is perfect for an after training dinner. I may turn up just for the dinner that night!!