Sunday, 14 September 2014

gaining confidence

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After I had another injury scare last week on top of two major scares in the previous two months, I can confidently report that I am back on track. This morning I met Peter at Stromlo Forest Park and he ran three slow (for him as he is just starting back) downhill kms with a jog back in between, while I completed 8kms at a reasonable pace. There were very many kangaroos and only one little magpie who flew away; very many degrees (five or six) and very little breeze; very much fog and absolutely no sign of sun; very many cyclists heading off around the Centenary Trail.
Having mentioned the Centenary Trail, I am sorry about Steve's injury last night - he has seven stitches below the knee and seven to ten days of no running - I sympathise, that was my fate too, no running the ten days we visited Townsville - and I hope none of the cyclists met a similar fate in today's big event. That terrain is just too rough even in broad daylight, let alone by torchlight or foglamp.

Not me injured this time; Steve.

From now on, every Sunday morning I will be at Stromlo at 7:30am with others; please join us!
Also from this Saturday on, I will be at Acton Ferry Terminal at 9:00am with hopefully a few very slow runners; starting off jogging with them for a few kms; then if OK carrying on a few more kms at a faster pace. All welcome! It's the restart for the "speedyducks".


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