Friday, 12 September 2014

Do vary your running surfaces as much as possible

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, September 12, 2014 with 5 comments

“Changing running surfaces works different leg muscles which, will lead to physical benefits,” says Eric Blake, head cross country and track and field coach at Central Connecticut State University. “And different scenery in your running will lead to mental benefits.
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By the way I am expecting company this Sunday at 7:30am for my regular training run at Stromlo Forest Park. It is spring, come along and enjoy the lovely grass surface!

This is a real goose, in a storm. Very versatile creatures, these geese!

Thanks Warrick for the link.


  1. I varied my running surface today - ran my first (and probably last) road marathon. Definitely prefer the trails!

    1. I anticipate your race report (and your race time)

    2. 4:05 hours for a hilly course, report will be up on my blog shortly.

    3. You can take a squiz at my marathon report on my blog (which seems to have dropped off your blog roll ...)

    4. Hay Heather! You're back on the blogroll. I lost every detail of it when I refreshed the my template, and forgot you (hah hah, as if I could, really) when I rebuilt it.
      So your time for your next flat road marathon will be an hour faster I predict, Canberra in April, 3 hours, guaranteed, although a few more years training might be the key. The current course is hilly too but maybe not according to your definition of "hilly".