Friday, 16 November 2012

how are your navigational skills?

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How are my 2012 goals going?
It is week 46 already and three months injury can certainly dent one's goals and aspirations. The running ones, anyway.
Run 4k or more every day. Well, not since the injury. But I am back running daily.
Run many 100k weeks. Let's try again in 2013.
Do at least 4200k for the year. Looks like being ~3500 at most.
Break 20:12 for a 5k race DONE 6 March
Break 90:18 for a Half Marathon WON'T HAPPEN
Complete an Ultramarathon DONE 15 April, that might have been the problem.
Two gym sessions per week doing, at least that's been happening all year.
Two exercise circuits per week no, too slack
Ten reverse chin-ups; ten normal chin-ups WON'T HAPPEN but I am working on it again.
Flexible enough to wrap fingers around toes without bending knees of course WON'T HAPPEN but I am working on it.
Three minute plank WON'T HAPPEN
Stay coffee free. Yes, coffee free at present.
Weight in the low 60’s got there but it's back to high 60's again.
Don’t get injured Hah hah try again next year
Watch every Coen Brothers movie Will do, only four to go. Two I have seen before and two I haven't.
Turn 64! No worries, Plan for 2013 is to become an M65.

I have re-grown a beard too. These are my more hairy goals for the next three months.

What are your hairiest goals? Feedback welcome.


  1. Would have been a different year had you planned the Ultramarathon for 31 December. Matching your youthful Januhairiness in 2013 sounds like an achievable goal.

  2. Some great goals in there. I think the most suspect one - ie, the one best replaced by another one - is the fully hairy beard one.

  3. You appear to have skipped Movember and headed straight into Decembeard. Here's hoping 2013 sees you stay injury free.