Monday, 29 October 2012

running its course

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Morrison Rogaine
Congratulations to Roger Pilkington and Cathy Montalto who were the male and female winners of the Morrison Rogaine.

Heads Down

Studying the Rogaine map

New York lock-down
Let's hope New York is unlocked again in time for this Sunday's New York Marathon. Let's also hope the organisers were ahead of schedule, as there won't be much activity in the next few days while hurricane Sandy runs its course. Let's hope Lucia and Susan arrive safely in advance of the marathon and get to the start line.

Melbourne highlights
Staying home yesterday with a heavy cold, I was able to watch (and record) an hour of Melbourne Marathon highlights on WIN. Right at the start a close-up of Debbie Cowell in the warm up area; then at the 32k mark of the marathon a good shot of yours truly watching the three marathon leaders coming through, then switching my attention back to the half marathoners going the other way through 5k.

Parlliament House training
I shall dose myself up and get out to Parliament House tonight as usual. Plan A is an entirely new session, I also have a Plan B, mainly for if there are new starters, and a Plan C, mainly if the area we wish to use is not available. Such a nice looking day, it would be sad to have to stay indoors again.


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  1. I see a silhouette of an L in Parliament. Now I'll go the fandango off to bed. Tired!