Wednesday, 10 October 2012


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We had our final Tuesday speedygeese training session yesterday, and we will be having our final Thursday one tomorrow. Next week we revert back to Mondays, for the rest of the year and beyond. Yesterday, present were Colin (on bicycle), Jen (early) and Craig, Garry, me, Tony, Tori & Yelena running multiple Rose Garden loops to see how many we could do in 30 minutes. The loop is 440m around. Tori & I ran 12½ loops in that time; Craig ran 14; Eliza & Yelena 11½. Not sure how many Tony or Garry completed.

So good luck to those running Melbourne on Sunday. I head off tomorrow morning and I think I will be just watching the marathon and half marathon. Lack of training isn't my worry, just that I don't fancy causing further or even permanent damage to my foot. Craig will look after the group while I am away; please wish him happy 44th birthday for this Friday.

I wonder how clean the bay is these days?

50 shades of hay


  1. Reining yourself in Sunday is a great decision. Excellent seating for spectators at the G.

    1. Or I might be on the course somewhere...