Friday, 2 September 2011

going particularly well

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Dickson Training is suddenly going well; we had 16 last night, the same number as at Parliament House on Monday. On what felt like a heavy track, even though the grass had been cut, we ran 12 x 200m with a recovery jog in teams of three. Present were Bronwyn, Colin, Craig, Garry, me, Janene, Miranda, Nadine, Neil, Rod, Roger, Ruth, Suzie, Tori, Margaret & Noeline.

Clarke&Dawe. From

My tilt at winning the Thomas Point score is also going particularly well. I am confident I can win it, I just have to improve a little and not get injured and I can do it. Main rivals with three of eleven rounds to go are fellow speedygeese Alan Duus and Roger Pilkington; I am more or less equal with both of them at this stage. Alan has a temporary small break on me, 2 points plus 3 more when lowest points get removed. Roger is some 10 points back, 13 after you take out lowest points, but is more likely to have something up his sleeve in the way of improving than I. This month of the three of us only Alan has been re-handicapped, one group back, which evens it all up. So it’s extremely close. Peter Clarke is about level with Roger when you take into account that Peter has run one less race than we have. And Peter moves forward one group, levelling things up there too. Current indications are a final result of myself, then Alan, with Roger and Peter fighting out third. Roger would disagree, and this report might just stir him up to try even harder!

Amanda at Mt Taylor

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  1. Go the speedygeese!! Oh and I am still giggling over Clarke & Dawe -love it. Did you know that John Clarke went to uni with Dave in Wellington?