Friday, 5 August 2011

......where were we??

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, August 05, 2011 with 3 comments
Clarke&Dawe, from

♪♫ Happy Birthday ♪♫ Nadine, 42 today. Where was she last night? In the tradition of those having a birthday, skipping training? Or, setting up for the inaugural annual Morrison Rogaine they'll be hosting this Saturday morning? [No, she was picking up her mum from the airport.]

Dickson last night: Tori, Bronwyn & I ran early. The track session which followed consisted of 3 x 1k with between 600m & 1k recovery jog. All a bit longer as we ran in lane four; and each kilometre included pace variations. Training were Colin, Garry, Janene, Joel, Michelle, Miranda, Neil, Ruth, Susan & Yelena.

 Garry at Blewitts last Sunday.


  1. No, I wasn't being slack, I was picking my Mum up from the airport at 4:30pm - as I mentioned last Monday!!

  2. The real question of course is where were all the others. On the turning-up-to-training index, Colin is now sole leader, followed by Nadine, Craig, and me, equal second, then Neil. Not bad Nadine out of 100 speedygeese ;)

  3. and me "forgetting" fitted the theme of "where are we? What am I doing?" and was also a way of mentioning the rogaine.... A bit obscure I suppose.