Friday, 19 August 2011

"no signal"

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Last night's Clarke&Dawe at

Goorooyaroo 8k 13 August
9. Damian Rutledge M40 33:37
19. Caroline Campbell W65 48:14
19 finishers

Goorooyaroo 4k 13 August
8. Heidi Johnston W40 17:06
18. Geoff Barker M65 22:38
22 finishers

BBQ Stakes 6k 17 August
Gary Bowen 27:43
Jen Bright 31:57
Andy Matthews 31:58
Helen Larmour 32:39
Roger Pilkington 32:41
Caroline Campbell 38:29

Happy Birthday Helen 52 today!

Dickson training 18 August
Wet and cold - Bronwyn, Tori & I did the early run without getting too damp, but the weather closed in and the lights stayed off as Craig, Neil, Suzi, Jenny Langton & I ran ~5k on the track before heading home. Jenny is visiting for a few days following a short skiing holiday. The weather here has been worse for running but not often, she'll be glad to get home to Brisbane.

Finishing the City to Surf

Bronia Rowe

Charlie McCormack

Craig Davis

David Webster

Jen Lee

Kelley Flood

Noeline Burden

Ruth Baussmann

Warrick Howieson

Yili Zhu


  1. Wow and I didn't see any of them - they flew too fast!!

  2. I'm wide awake, as it's 1.05pm Vegas time. Hand in the air must mean a big PB for Craig. Good to see the photos - so many Geese and friends.